4 Directions Mandala

The foundation of this type of healing was studied with Sandra Ingerman at the Omega Institute in New York. Kathy has trained intensively with Shamans of Ecuador: their methods are very different but very effective. This type of healing is a cleansing ceremony, learned by the Andean Yachak Shaman of Ecuador. This cleansing and balancing involves the removal of blocks and attachments, providing the client with inaccessible amounts of energy. During the ceremony, I call upon the Spirits of the 3 Sacred Volcanoes, Imbabura, Huamirasu, and Mojanda, as well as Pachamama (mother earth and universe). The seven Gods of the Earth, Water, Air, Plants, Minerals, Animals and of course Earth. These spirits work with the client's spirits to promote a foundation of transformation of Self, Life, and the World.


This session uses shamanic practices to open the chakras and determine what areas of the body need healing. Rattles, drumming, crystals, colored cloths, and toning are used. During the session the client will connect with the energies of angels and their own spirit guides who will assist in the healing process.

The client will feel
  • Balanced
  • Mentally and Emotionally Cleansed
  • Inner Peace
  • Joy
  • Radiance


Feather healing is part of Shamanic work. Using a feather or feathers of my choice, as learned by Shaman, Don Alberto Taxo, and Don Esteban of Ecuador, the aura is cleansed of negative energy and replaced with positive energy. "By connecting with this element of nature, you invite connection and sensitivity to all of nature."

Kathy Bastien has been practicing energy work for 17 years. She began with Reiki and since then has added many other modalities to her work. The teachings have brought her to NY, Mass., Conn., FLA, and now New Mexico. She has traveled to Ecuador and into the Amazon Jungle, where she was taught by Shaman's Don Esteban and his son Jorge, Maria Juana of the Otavalo section of Ecuador, Don Augastin of the Amazonian Jungle, and Don Alberto Taxo of Saraguru from the South of Ecuador. She continues to educate herself with as much knowledge as possible in the hopes and dreams of helping and healing herself and others through the path of the Light.

LMT #1456

Madeline A. Aron
Reiki Master/Teacher

Medical massage therapist for whiplash, other injuries, and trauma. Her approach to bodywork is deeply empathic to the client’s whole being. She utilizes massage along with subtler techniques such as cranial sacral therapy, Core Synchronism™, Reiki, and polarity. These methods facilitate the release of tissue on profound levels, working from the inside out while soothing and nourishing the nervous system.

Madeline also does spiritual work including Core Shamanism™, Body/Soul Dialogue sessions, and intuitive readings. These facilitate healing on multidimensional levels such as with past lives and working with spiritual guides and helpers. The body work and spiritual work can be combined in one session or can be done separately, as needed by each client.