Carole Conlon’s deep love for travel, study and things of beauty, along with a lifelong desire to assist humanity, has shaped her entire life. During over 35 years of work in both Western and Oriental medicine, Carole developed her own healing system, LifeWeaving & Restoration, by integrating the best parts of the many different healing methods she studied and used. Now, using a pendulum and specially developed charts for researching body, mind and spirit, Carole performs rapid investigation and clearing of past and present life issues about health, relationships, business, pets, etc. with amazing results.

In 2006, a paradigm-shifting course revealed her life destiny, and, in order to fully embrace that mission, Carole worked to transform and upgrade both herself and her work.

Now as a multi-dimensional integrative healer and holographic re-coding technician, Carole continues to combine many different elements and techniques to facilitate significant “polar-shifts” within the human consciousness; bringing freedom and liberation for the soul. She focuses on unlocking key issues, re-coding and re-calibrating a person’s mental and emotional bodies, and integrating higher aspects of the “Self” to restore strength, confidence, courage, determination and spiritual power. LifeWeaving and Restoration quickly reverses and eliminates patterns of fear, karma, limitation, and self-sabotage, and results in increased harmony, freedom from suffering and a marvelous synchronicity to all aspects of life! The combination of LifeWeaving healing sessions, classes and/or books, enable a person to restore his or her ayni – Peruvian for relationship and sacred reciprocity.

Carole is also an extremely gifted “potentials forecaster” who assists humankind in navigating through life’s challenges to accomplish the impossible and to achieve unlimited potentials. Her continuing goal is to enable others to restore his or her own ayni and to ease the transition into the coming Golden Age.