Music therapy is the most commonly used sound therapy today. Music therapy can reduce your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, lessen pain, and lessen anxiety. It has been proven to improve moods, counteract depression, induce sleep, counteract fear, and reduce muscle tension.

The Genesis Bio-Entrainment Module creates an interactive, closed-loop sonic therapy environment which responds to the person on the table, altering the properties of the music based upon the changes within that persons energy field and providing a musical environment that facilitates the release of muscle and physiological tension known as stress.

Genesis Therapy is based on the view that a human being is not only a physical body, but also consists of a complex pattern of energy that has an innate drive towards growth, order and wholeness. In this view, “dis-ease” is associated with disorder, deficit and/or blockage of the energy flow of life.

The Genesis creates an environment for energy flow to occur. Through the pleasurable experience of profound relaxation of bio-entrainment, the client is guided into a relaxed state of consciousness. Bio-Entrainment is a “learning process” of any organism for stimulus and response to the environment when the environment is aware of the changes and programmed to assist the stimulation and response to an optimal state or experience–a target state. Every response to the environmental stimuli determines the characteristics of the next sequence of stimulation, in this case the music/sound, is continually modified in an intelligent way by the environment (Genesis).

The energy of the body is called the Bio-Static Field. This Bio-Static Field is the reaction of the electrostatic field around the body to all the electromagnetic energy generated within the body such as brain wave activity, heart rate and bioelectric impulses connected with muscle tension. The electrostatic field around the body is similar to static electricity one experiences walking on a synthetic carpet or combing one’s hair with a plastic brush.

The process is like biofeedback, but much more dynamic and transforming since through music and sound, the whole person is involved – emotions, mind, and spirit. Through the medium of music and bio-static field communication between the listener and psychoacoustic environment are occurring at very high speeds –operating at a level normally imperceptible to the participants nervous system, as the participants nervous system seeks out the most expanded and beneficial experiences with the music.

Genesis serves as a tool for discovering new levels of awareness, consciousness, and offers the added bonus of a nurturing experience which feels like having a musical massage.