Madeline LMT #1456

Madeline A. Aron

Reiki Master/Teacher

Integrating Body and Soul for Nourishment and Healing

We need a solid connection with our own unique soul to feed both our bodies and hearts. We also need physical health to manifest our soul’s joy and purpose.

Madeline’s bodywork sessions can release physical tensions and blockages while integrating body and soul. She balances her client’s chakras and elements with energy work and connects them with their soul qualities through cranial-sacral techniques and Reiki. She also provides a solid sense of boundaries and presence with touch that is both firm and gentle.

As a former massage therapist of 18 years, Madeline uses her knowledge of the body, the methods above, plus those from reflexology, polarity, core synchronism, and her intuitive capabilities. The grounding and nurturing energies of the Great Mother and the refined and aesthetic qualities of the Divine Feminine Come through her sessions as well. The result is a sense of deep grounded relaxation, balance, beauty, and wholeness.

Madeline’s visionary experience from her Soul Retrieval and Journey Healing work may also provide further insight and healing.